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American Patriots the III%
American Patriots the III%

APIII Magazine In Print!!!

We have a Monthly Newsletter in Print

Many like minded individuals find it nice to get a newsletter in the mail and read it periodocially


In today's digital age most say print is dead but there is something really oldschool Patriotic about getting patriot business in the mail to read. 


It is not much, we have calculated the cost of shipping and printing and are giving the best deal we possibly can for a bunch of non wealthy rag tag wolverine style American Patriots.


A measley 5 dollars a month and you will have a hard copy in your hand!!! Articles are writtne by many members of our organization as well as information from Light Foot Militia, The 3%ers, APIII, and guest writers from all over the patriot community. 

Fantastic information to think about reflect on and utilize in the coming storms. 


The News letter is packed with information and is about 6-9 pages front and back


Thanks for your support. You will not be disappointed. 


$5.00 Subscription per month

Most Recent Issue: April 2019

Inside April Issue

1. The People Shall Not Sleep                                                  6. Patriotism

2. Justice: Affidavit Highlights                                                    7. What is a "Militia of One"

3. Policies Have Consequences                                                8. The Three Percent Life

4. Texas Blue                                                                              9. Light Foot Life

5. 6 Minutes alone (EDC Survival Kit)                                        10. The New Democratic Socialism 

                                                                                                    11. Constitution Corner

  March 2019

Inside March Issue, 18 pages of fantastic reading!!


1. Washington State is Gearing for War

2. A Founder's Vision

3. Rise of the Sheriff

4. Rural Sheriffs Make a Stand

5. March For Your Rights 2.0 WA State

6. Why Crypto Currency is Important for Patriots

7.Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Hapiness (abortion issues)

8. "You are Not in Kansas Anymore Dorothy"- One woman's fight to stop 1639 in WA State. (#silentnomore)

9. Patriot Unity

10. The Women of APIII

11. Constitution Corner

12. The three Percent Life

13. Light Foot Life

   February 2019

Table of Contents:

1. The Left is Gearing up for 2020                                           2. March for Your Rights 2.0

3. Diversity within the Movement                                             4. The New Green Deal

5. The American Psychological Association and Men              6. 2nd A Sanctuary Ordinance 

7. Dead Man Talking #2                                                            7. Dedication to the Movement

8.Dump the NRA                                                                       9.The 3% Life

10.Light Foot Life                                                                      11. Constitution Corner

If you like those topics get ready for March edition. Please subscribe above.