Facebook are Fascists!

Facebook has taken down the personal pages of APIII leadership across the U.S as part of an operation to stop us from spreading the truth to people. you can find us on mewe.


APIII Official Response to the removal of Patriots from all over the country from Facebook On Wednesday August 19th Facebook and Twitter took a stand against the Constitution of the United States and law-abiding American Citizens. This political and ideological attack on free speech was against the American Patriot III% National, American Patriot Vanguard National, many of our state groups along with other III% groups, local Militias, Oath Keepers and the leaders of these organizations. What these platforms chose to ignore is that American Patriots III% and American Patriot Vanguard takes pride in being multi-racial and multi-cultural organizations that work diligently to provide outreach and community service to those in need. We stand for law and order under the Constitution and work to defend our communities against violence and the constitutional rights of our fellow citizens regardless of race, religion or identity, including those that have different political beliefs than ours. The actions these social media platforms took show they are blatantly choosing to silence the views other than theirs and will take any and all action to impede their political opposition while allowing groups that are promoting hate, violence and the destruction of America continue their platforms. We are encouraging our members and like-minded Patriots that want to defend our nation, our Constitution and stand against the real hatred and division that is being spread by the political left and follow us at APIII.net (http://apiii.net/) for further information.

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