I know many people questioned why I asked Utah APIII to attend the Rally in Portland. So I will explain.

We went to Portland to send a message, that message was that we are not there to start shit, we were there to support the law abiding people of Oregon.

A local police officer told me he loves doing Patriot Rally's, he does not get Molotov cocktails tossed at him, piss and shit filled water balloons tossed at him, frozen water bottles tossed at him, bricks and rocks tossed at him, called demeaning names, he does not get sucker punched and kicked, non of this happens at Patriot Rally's and thanked me for what we are doing.

An older man approached me stating that he tried to fight the Antifa movement 20 years ago when it started and nobody would listen to what he saw happening. I thanked him for what he did and told him about APIII and our mission. This man thanked and hugged me and with a tear in his eye pleaded to never give up this fight. All of the drinking, meals and time hanging with our fellow Patriot family and fellow leaders also does a lot to build our teams, but knowing we are making a difference should motivate us all.

This is why I went to Portland and would do it again.

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